Lick Fire Chars 27,000 Acres So Far

On September 3 the Lick Fire Incident Commander took a good look at the scene and estimated the fire could grow to 30,000 acres. This estimate was based on existing fire breaks, natural barriers and the weather at the time. According to last night’s official Incident 209 report the fire has already taken out 27,000 acres.

Winds and smoke have both helped and hurt fire command. Winds initially worked to push the fire away from populated areas which minimized the potential for property damage while at the same time moved the fire to areas with limited access.

Smoke has hampered the fight as well. Once the wind died down smoke blanketed the fire ground making it difficult to put the assembled air force to work. Smoke from the Moonlight Fire near Lake Almanor added another layer of smoke on top of the Lick smoke that shut down air attack.

The fire is too large to fight effectively on the ground alone so fire command is fighting the fire with one hand tied behind their back. Once the wind clears some smoke the 1,800 + contingent will hit this thing with all cylinders firing.

Here is a video of the DC-10 Supertanker, Tanker 910 making a drop on the Lick Fire. (date unclear)

Below is a great shot of the Supertanker making a drop on the Lick Fire Tuesday September 4.


Lick Fire and Moonlight Fire updates later!


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