Satellite Image of Lick Fire Smoke Trail

S.F. Bay Area, Monterey Bay Area and Central Valley residents are seeing and feeling the effects of smoke from two major wildfires. The Lick Fire east of Morgan Hill has burned 11,000 acres and the Moonlight Fire north of Sacramento has burned 15,000 acres. Both fires are less than 20% contained. If you look at the image below it appears the Lick Fire smoke has entered the central valley and hooked north around Mt. Hamilton. In fact the smoke invading the Bay Area is from the Moonlight Fire. Monterey Bay residents are receiving smoke from the Lick Incident.

Satellite Image
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The Lick Fire as seen from Mt Hamilton (Hamcam) 4:30 today.
Although there’s not much of a smoke column you can see the smokey conditions firefighters are working under.