Lick Fire Midday Update, Day 3

San Francisco’s CBS 5 reports on their Bay City News Page that the National Guard has committed resources to the fire.;

“Cal Fire has now utilized 155 engines, 24 bulldozers, 34 crews, nine air-tankers and eight helicopters, including two Nevada National Guard and three California National Guard helicopters. About 1,298 firefighters have been deployed to combat the blaze.”

Henry Coe area weather is cooperating so far today but winds are projected to stiffen later this afternoon.

This is a textbook CDF/ Cal Fire operation. Don’t look for biologists to be flown in from Maine or any ICP tours here. No touchy feely kiosks or wine and cheese going away receptions either.

This is how fires are fought.


  • Mike says:

    Main ingredients: 85% water, 10% fertilizer (ammonia phosphate and sulfate ions), and 5% minor ingredients (iron oxide for color, clay or bentonite)It’s red so you can see it!Slurry– Fact Sheet

  • 9oneone says:

    What is that agent orangepinkred crap? Has anyone PERSONALLY made an analysis, if so, lots of us would like to know. Who is in charge of the strange passenger airplane combating our air quality? Thank You