Lick Fire Quadruples Overnight

According to the Incident 209 report the Lick Fire has grown to 5,000 acres. The fire is moving to the S/E generally. The IC claims the fire is 10% contained.

As only they can CDF/ Cal Fire amassed an army of nearly 800 overnight to battle the flames that they expect to eat through 30,000 acres.

The webcam on Mt Hamilton has been shut down (since midnight) so a live view of the fire is unavailable. I suspect their servers were hit hard by viewers pointed to their unique fire view. I hope they boot it back up later this morning.

The good news is the fire is moving away from populated areas.


  • Mike says:

    Michael, what interested me about your image besides it’s great content was where you took it from.I managed a horse ranch just below Santa Teresa park and rode in those hills years ago. I attended Oak Grove and San Jose State. Santa Teresa was my home golf course.Where you took the picture from is my old home. Best to you!

  • Michael says:

    Hahah, no problem. Yea, it was pretty intense. A couple of weeks or so later there was a control burn up there and every time I saw the smoke I thought, “Here we go again.”

  • Mike says:

    Nice image Michael. That was quite a fire, unique because you could view it from the Hamcam.I’ll look at getting your correct name spelling, sorry about that!Mike

  • Michael says:

    I was wondering why this photo had 1200 views. Thanks for posting it, but you spelled my last name wrong. 🙂