Lick Fire In Henry Coe State Park

Update: 700 acres, moderate rate of spread, spotting in all directions.

This is an updated image (20:10 Hrs) from the Mt Hamilton webcam facing South.
(link below)

They tilted the webcam on Mt Hamilton to give us a view of the Lick Fire burning East of Morgan Hill in Henry Coe State Park. The San Jose Mercury News has information that 10 CDF engines are on scene as well as Tanker 910, the DC-10 Supertanker CDF/Cal Fire has contracted.

You’ll recall the firefighting supertanker responded to another South Bay fire last week above Cupertino and helped contain that fire to 150 acres even though initial attack brass suggested that one could go to 3,000 acres.

The Lick Fire is currently at 200 acres. From personal experience I know this country has not burned in 30 years or more and most of the country it’s headed into is inaccessible.

Prayers for all the responders.

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  • Cookie Jill says:

    It is NOT a good time in the West. It seems that we are all brittle dry and ready to go up in flames.The Zaca monster has been contained…finally…but I fear California and the other States in the West should brace for more.