Cascade Complex Command Post Fends Siege

Yesterday I noted the run on the Cascade Fire incident command post (ICP). Here is a series of images taken from the Cascade Complex pages at Inciweb.

Aerial view of the Cascade Complex incident base.

Activity as the fire approaches the camp
(Credit: Bill Paxton, Great Basin IMT1)

(Credit: Bill Paxton, Great Basin IMT1)
(Images credit: Bill Paxton, Great Basin IMT1 and IMT1 Team)

No damage to the ICP resulted from the run. No injuries reported.

*Regarding use of images. These images were posted without direct consent. This goes against this blog’s policy regarding use of proprietary digital property. Permission for use of these images is pending. I decided to use these images in advance of permission to publicize the events occurring not only on this incident but over a widespread area of the Northwest.


  • Mike says:

    Thank you for the comment and the clarification.Mike

  • Anonymous says:

    A coworker of mine was on this fire, and in this camp when it burned nearby. They are calling it a ‘burn by’ not a ‘burn over’. Losses included one yurt, serveral personal tents and gear, and the contents on the cardboard recycling bin.