Two More Firefighter Blogs Added To The Roll

Deaf Firefighter Blog About the Author;

“This is the diary of a deaf man is becoming a volunteer firefighter (aka. Jake). My name is Neil and I started at the Fire Department of Montgomery Township in August of 2003. I’ve started this blog to chronicle my experiences, my achievements and my mistakes (probably more of the latter) so others can learn from them.”

Neil is one of the first Firefighter Bloggers. Read his Father’s Day post, his kids are lucky lads.

Firefighter Hourly About the Author;

“Jay Lowry has written for Fire Engineering, Fire Chief, American Fire Journal and other major fire service journals as well as magazines covering aviation, safety, and construction. He is a past or present Principal Member of 4 National Fire Protection Association Committees .

Prior to the fire service he served as a Fast Action Situation Team Member on board nuclear submarines where his collateral duties were to plan and coordinate responses to fires and flooding. Jay began as a volunteer firefighter and transitioned to a paid department serving from firefighter to Fire Marshal.”

Wow, Jay hit the ground running with almost a dozen posts in the first week. This is a very slick blog and most likely a prototype for firefighter Blogs in the future.