Angora Fire Photos and Fire Map Updates

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Update: KCRA reports fire jumped fire lines.

From the latest incident update from InciWeb
“Back fire burnouts continued last night in the north and northeast divisions of the fire perimeter, and account for most of the smoke seen from the fire area this morning.”

InciWeb has an updated detailed map of the Angora Fire perimeter.

This thing is not out by a long shot. Depending on the wind and what the fire does behind Tahoe Mountain there may be a lot of life left in this beast. Camp Richardson and the highway may not be out of play just yet. I read two forest service personnel deployed fire shelters and all went well. I also read that Lake Tahoe does NOT honor the 100 foot defensible space ordinances required by the State of California. This is unacceptable and only serves to place fire service personnel in danger. Erosion concerns my butt, there are many ways to halt erosion.
If your property is not brushed correctly it does not deserve the effort required to save it.


  • Abu says:

    good one. I like your blog.

  • Mike says:

    If your property is not properly brushed you cannot expect firefighters to risk their lives to save your trinkets.Would you want your husband, wife brother or sister to lose life or limb trying to save the dwelling of someone who scoffed at the defensible space laws?

  • Anonymous says:

    Always nice to see a firefighter making statements that someones home isnt worth saving. Why do I pay taxes to you idiots?

  • Bob Blogger says:

    Ret. Cap. Mike I take it as a compliment that you like my blog style at Cal Fire News – reminded me that I have all the screen shots of that header collapsing around three and the fire taking off and slopping right over.nice blog we can mesh well.