Two Fire Videos, Both So Wrong For Different Reasons

The first video is an animated effort by persons with a perverted concept of firefighting and firefighters. It’s so bad I had to post it.


Full story from Hope Fire Company


  • Mike says:

    Shonen, when you finish your next project I would like to see it.Good luck!

  • shonen10 says:

    Thank you for the advice I will take it into concideration before creating other films. (not sarcastic even though it might sound like it)

  • Mike says:

    Shonen, it’s not like you committed a crime. I would suggest picking up a book like “Rescue Men” by Charles Kenney. His book is a good start for anyone that wants an realistic view of the fire service.Check out some stories on Spielberg does some research.Best to you Shonen,Mike

  • shonen10 says:

    Hi, I am the one who made the first video. I think you guys take things way to seriously. Not everything put on the internet is made to be exactly like it is really. And who would know what its like really, unless your a firefighter. Sorry I was messing around with a movie making program and made a movie about firefighters. Maybe you guys should become the internet fighters. or maybe freedom of speach fighters?

  • Mike says:

    I published the first one because it shocked me anyone could have such a misconception of what the fire service is all about. Maybe middle school kids.You’re right second one needs no armchair quarterbacking. I just could not figure out what the delay was but maybe the crew was on the ground and we could not see it.As you say they made it out so all’s well.All’s quiet on the fire front, slow posting lately.Thank you for the comments!

  • FireFleitz says:

    That first video is just plain weird. The second one doesn’t offer enough information to arm chair quarterback. If we had more radio traffic or more visual we might be able to tell more about what happened. Anyways, It is great that all the guys made it out ok.