Georgia Still Burning, Did You Know?

The fire disaster in Georgia remains under the radar of the national press but the story of life disrupted and dedicated firefighting continues. Children in the town of Waycross in Ware County Georgia have missed 8 days of school and everyone in the county face weeks of lingering smoke. The Okefenokee area’s Satilla Regional Medical Center posts a fire information page for local residents.

Posted today;

“In the recent days, we have all witnessed incredible damage and awesome power. But the greatest power we have seen has been the extraordinary resolve, courage and dedication of the firefighters and rescue workers that are serving our community, fighting the wildfire. These brave men and women have worked day and night, saving lives and homes. On behalf of the employees, physicians, volunteers, and board of directors at Satilla Regional Medical Center, we thank you. Once again, you have given us someone to look up to.

Here here, some stories to be told and heard from those on the ground. When 100 acres burn in the Southern California we get beginning to end coverage. When 100,000 acres burn in rural Georgia affecting thousands and endangering the health of hundreds we get glancing coverage. Yesterday
Governor Sonny Perdue issued an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency in 21 counties in southeast Georgia.
Did you know that?

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  • Don Thieme says:

    Hi, Mike. Great blog! It is interesting to find a British newspaper running this story when it is getting short shrift here at home.