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"It Sounded Like A Train"

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Check out this dramatic footage from the Pine Barrens Fire in New Jersey May 16.Notice the wind in at the tree tops. [youtube=] Thanks to Jason at Hamptons Fire for the heads up.

Blog of Future Firefighter Paul Whalen

Thanks for the mention Paul, I’m honored.Best of luck to you.Be safe.


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An F-16 training over the Warren Grove Gunnery Range near Atlantic City inadvertently ignited what is know now as the Pinelands Fire. No one feels worse than the pilot. Let’s hope nobody gets hurt before the flames are doused.I have to say watching the TV coverage I’m taken back by the ferocity of this blaze. […]

"Copter Chick" Desiree Horton

Helicopter pilot Desiree Horton added Firefighter Blog to her blogroll. I’ve been a fan of hers for years watching her traffic reports from KTLA and KABC in Los Angeles. Desiree fights fire by helicopter for the USFS and CDF in addition to other flying jobs that include news flying! Her Copter Chick blog is an […]

Bugaboo Scrub, A Self Winding Dynamo

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“The word “dynamo” means “Power in Motion,” from Greek: δύναμις; dynamis, -power, and Latin: motio, -motion.” Wikipedia;Magneto hydrodynamicsDrift of spiral waves It burns in 35% humidity and “eats” water; “Gorski said Florida is the driest he has seen since 2000. The fire chief said he has never seen a wildfire so resistant to water. Nothing […]

Video From The Griffith Park Brushfire

Hamptons Fire embedded some of the better video’s from the Griffith Park Brush Fire earlier today. Considering how many people could see the fire from their own doorsteps it’s not surprising so many videos and images are available. Earlier today I added some random video from the incident on my Vod.Pod (below on sidebar).

Added A Voting Widget

I wish I had more time to blog on the massive Florida wildfires and hope to free up some time later but I wanted to point out a new feature I added to the sidebar. Please check out the Presidential hopeful voting poll down the sidebar. Update: 5/22I deleted the voting poll booth. Some ideas […]

Griffith Park Fire A True Hollywood Event

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For those that don’t know Griffith Park is a 4,000 acre oasis in the middle of L.A. proper. It is the home of the Griffith Park Observatory, the Greek Theatre, L.A. Zoo, a golf course equestrian center and kiddie play land. Dozens of miles of hiking trails wind through the park and views from the […]

Robotic Firefighting Device

ZDNet points us to an article about a robotic firefighting device at “Try to picture a snake-like robot that can move into places that are too dangerous for humans to enter. The snake can climb up stairs, force past beams and twist itself round corners. Imagine that it has a built-in advanced water tap […]

Georgia Still Burning, Did You Know?

The fire disaster in Georgia remains under the radar of the national press but the story of life disrupted and dedicated firefighting continues. Children in the town of Waycross in Ware County Georgia have missed 8 days of school and everyone in the county face weeks of lingering smoke. The Okefenokee area’s Satilla Regional Medical […]