Bird Flu Resource Pages From IAFF

I see bird flu mentioned on occassion on Internet based and TV news now and then but the threat has taken a backseat to politics and the life and times of drugged out Anna Nicole Smith. Thankfully it has not gone off the radar of the IAFF. I received this email today.

From IAFF email bulletin:

Many scientists anticipate that the next pandemic flu is imminent and are carefully monitoring the Avian flu virus as a potential source. Pandemic Flu Resources for First Responders, a new IAFF online resource, is designed to assist IAFF members in preparing for a mass flu outbreak.

The online program includes essential resources for responding to and protecting against a flu pandemic, including a downloadable workshop that can be taught in the fire station. The Shift Based Training Program: Preparing for the Pandemic Flu stresses the importance of preparing for a major emergency. Because IAFF members are the first to respond, and remain on duty throughout any disaster even without knowing the dangers, it’s crucial to have a disaster plan in place for work, school and home.