Firehouse Pranks; Add Yours

Firefighters Forums “pranks thread offers some very original firehouse pranks. I don’t endorse the chainsaw prank but some of the pranks are funny. The cricket prank is hilarious.

I was on the receiving end of a very good one. Upon my promotion to captain from engineer I was moved from the San Luis Obispo area to the Santa Cruz Mountains. As my crew was watching me leave I had a feeling something was up. In my time with them I was the instigator/creator of numerous pranks. These guys had been too quiet leading up to my final day on my final shift with them.
I drove off and after about 100 miles I started smelling some kind of burning animal. 20 miles later I pulled over and opened the hood and saw nothing. Another 10 miles down Highway 101 and a closer inspection produced two whole chickens (previously frozen) wedged under the exhaust manifold. Yeah they got me good because the smell did not go away for more than a week.
Months later I ran into the architect of the prank at the CDF Fire Academy and he denied everything, brutal.

Head over to the thread linked above and add yours. It’s a great subject.