Must Read, "Rescue Men" by Charles Kenney

Not many firefighter families have an accomplished writer in the family. The Kenney family does. Charles Kenney‘s book “Rescue Men” recounts the careers of his father Sonny and his grandfather “Pops”. Pops was a first responder on the devastating Cocoanut Grove Fire in 1942. Kenney‘s dad Sonny followed his father’s footsteps, becoming a firefighter with the Boston Fire Department. Sonny was instrumental in solving the mystery surrounding the Cocoanut Grove fire well after he retired from the department.

The book treats readers to a chronological look at Boston Fire Department history from the early 1930’s to the present. Kenney‘s family was impacted by affirmative action policy enacted in the 70’s. Kenney presents the fallout from the politics of that era on the department and his family brilliantly. One of Kenney brothers went on to become a firefighter and assisted in the rescue and recovery operations in Ground Zero after September 11.

I found myself reading a great American story. I won’t be surprised to this story see on the big screen some day. “Rescue Men” is recommended reading for anyone in the fire service and anyone related to an active duty or retired firefighter. Buy a few copies and spread them to loved ones. To make it easy I have a link Amazon on the sidebar below where you can read other reviews.