The Reading List

I’m currently reading Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America by Brigitte Gabriel. Brigitte is intimately qualified to warn the U.S.A and the West of the intentions of radical Islam. Her story of an idyllic childhood in Lebanon shattered at age 10 by a war between Christians and Muslims is chilling. Brigitte witnessed first hand how radical elements of Islam used the laws of a country to their perverted end. I am only halfway through Brigitte’s captivating story.

A book I finished last month is The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. Author Lawrence Wright details the birth of Al-Qaeda. I was surprised to learn Bin Laden is actually a dolt, that he has more in common with Forest Gump (being in the right place at the right time) than religious charismatics. Bin Laden is led by the nose by fellow tyrant Ayman al-Zawahiri. The road to September 11, 2001 is chronicled thoroughly as are other terrorist attacks preceding it. Wright also focuses on the investigators tasked to catch Bin Laden operatives. Anyone interested in knowing more about the history of our enemy should pick this one up.

I finished reading “Rescue Men” by Charles Kenney last week and I am having quite a time trying to properly summarize Kenney’s brilliant book. It’s a MUST read for anyone in the fire service. I intend to post a proper summary of the book soon. In the meantime please refer to the Amazon ad on the sidebar for others reviews. Rescue Men would make a perfect gift for anyone interested in firefighters, firefighting or Boston Fire Department history!


  • Jesse says:

    Rescue Men is a great read. We’re currently touring Boston area libraries with Mr. Kenney to promote the book – check out highlights and more from the book at and Great Site! Keep up the good work!

  • Blog Host says:

    It really is the perfect read. Not many firefighter families tied to so much history have a journalist/writer in their family willing to take to pen?This one could be made into a epic movie.Mike

  • FireFleitz says:

    Mike, I am trying to finish Rescue Men as well. So far it has been a very interesting book. I look forward to your review.