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Satellite To Cell Phone Fire Alarms

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Using a combination of MODIS and METEOSAT South African power company Eskom is able to pinpoint fires threatening their power lines. ““What is particularly nice about this is all of our field staff have mobile phones,” says Vosloo. They can be out in the field, away from their computers and still get the fire alert. […]

Who Knew?

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An interesting tool that suggests the value of individual blogs. Since a good deal of my visitors are other bloggers I thought I would post the tool. My blog is worth $6,209.94.How much is your blog worth?

Sleek Fire Site; Grampian Fire And Rescue Service

In yesterday’s post on Shanghai Fire Service I pointed out how difficult it was to get information on the department, personnel, equipment or individual stations. Today I found a model fire service website from the Aberdeen City, Scotland area. Grampian Fire website is clean, well organized and built for easy navigation. The page I like […]

Shanghai Firefighters In Training

Physical training, recreation and maintaining a cohesive unit. This China Daily article has some interesting photos of the Shanghai.I have found it difficult to find decent information on city fire departments in China. Compared to the vast information available in the Western world China’s fire service personnel are still underserved on the web. Their training, […]

Firedog's Newest Contest

Study Reveals U.S. Firefighters Face Critical Equipment and Training Shortages “firedogSM Across America” Contest Challenges Communities to Win Funds for Their Local Firehouses Richmond, Va. – A recent study from the U.S. Fire Administration, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, reveals that many firehouses across the U.S. lack adequate funding for some of […]

Prolific Blogger Firefighter Wayne Hangs It Up

Firefighter Wayne author of Firefighter has filed his last blog. Firefighter Wayne served on the Detroit Fire Department from 1962 to 1998, 36 years. The stated goal of his blog was to “Promote The History Of Firefighting” and he did by posting interesting stories of historic fires and fire service trivia. I aliked Wayne’s style, […]

Prepare Your Property For Fire Season

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It’s the time of year Western home owners should address compliance with vegetation clearance ordinances. Fire Safe California’s do it yourself page offer tips and links for proper vegetation clearance.More than anything the clearance issue is a safety issue for fire service personnel. If you don’t clear your property don’t expect fire crews to waste […]

Florida Firefighters Escape Death, "Nothing's Routine"

From (link below)Firefighters Rescued From Burning Home Firefighters Rescue Man, 2 Of Their Own From House Fire “Typical investigation of smoke in the house. We came and there was a guy standing at the door, waving us in,” said firefighter Josh Covelli.However, the seemingly routine call quickly turned into a near-death experience for the […]

Break Glass & Kick Ass; Into The Fire

The History Channel today ran “Into The Fire” sponsored by the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. The show offers first hand accounts of firefighters and their thoughts on the realities of the job including the glamour, the hard work and the rewards of the job. From the Fireman’s Fund site;“Into The Fire” is now available on […]

Aussie Mega Fires Contained After 69 Days

Australian news service reports the Great Divide fires have been contained. “Victoria’s longest running bushfire has been declared contained after the Swifts Creek section of the fires, in the state’s south-east, was contained this morning.The Great Divide fires were started by lightning strikes in bushland 69 days ago.Farmers have lost stock, outbuildings, fencing and […]

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