Something Wrong About This


“Ellreese Daniels — charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter — was the crew boss during the Yakima, Wash. Thirtymile wildfire in July 2001.

Prosecutors allege that Daniels should have known that the four firefighters who perished in the fire would be trapped and should have better protected them.

The fallen firefighters were Devin Weaver, 21, Jessica Johnson, 19, Karen FitzPatrick, 18, and squad boss trainee Tom Craven, 30″

This could, maybe should, have a chilling effect on aggressive suppression activity by some. Something to consider, how far up the chain of command could or should a prosecution go? Firefighting is dangerous. No one feels worse about injury or loss of life than the supervisor or fire boss.
That being said I would want answers if my child was one of the fallen.