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N.J. Amputee Seeks Fire Job, I Say Yes!

His name is Isaac Feliciano, he runs a 12.5 second 100 meter, and he scored 106 out of 600 in the physical agility testing. I would be proud to have him on my engine. Story

U.S. Firefighters Lend Hand Down Under

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Bushfires ‘unprecedented’ “The bushfires in Australia’s state of Victoria have been described by the local Emergency Services Commissioner as unprecedented. The crisis caused a major power crisis in the state on Tuesday. But the worst of the bushfire season could be yet to come.” Radio Australia Amid that tone some 100 U.S. firefighters packed their […]

Something Wrong About This

From,“Ellreese Daniels — charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter — was the crew boss during the Yakima, Wash. Thirtymile wildfire in July 2001. Prosecutors allege that Daniels should have known that the four firefighters who perished in the fire would be trapped and should have better protected them. The fallen firefighters were Devin […]

IAFF 2006 Media Awards

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Winner News Photo(under 100,000 circ.) Winning photo ——-> Winner News Photo(over 100,000 circ.) Winner News Feature “Deadly Delays: The Decline of Fire Response” “Once a day on average in this country, someone dies when fire fighters arrive too late, an investigation of fire response times by the Globe has found. America’s fire departments are giving […]

Iraq Study Group Satirical Video

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Zucker takes on the Iraq Study Group. [youtube=]