New Tallest Tree, Hyperian 378 Feet Tall

Chron’s SFGate tells us today of a new “tallest tree”.

“The Stratosphere Giant, the world’s reigning tallest living tree, seems to have lost its title — to not one but three contenders.

Like the 370-foot Giant, the three trees are coast redwoods. They were discovered this summer in Redwood National Park near Eureka by a team of California researchers who spend most of their free time bushwhacking through North Coast forests in search of taller and taller trees.

So far, the group has found about 135 redwoods that reach higher than 350 feet, said team member Chris Atkins, the man credited with finding the Stratosphere Giant in August 2000 in nearby Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

The tallest of the three new finds, a redwood named Hyperion, measures 378.1 feet. Next in line, Helios, stands at 376.3 feet; Icarus, the third, reaches 371.2 feet…”
Record trees (From article)

  • Tallest living tree: Hyperion (coast redwood), 378.1 feet, Redwood National Park
  • Tallest recorded tree: Unnamed eucalyptus, 500-plus feet, recorded in 1872 in Australia
  • Most massive living tree: General Sherman (giant sequoia), estimated weight 4 million pounds, Sequoia National Park
  • Largest tree canopy: A great banyan in Calcutta’s Indian Botanical Garden covers three acres.
  • Oldest living tree: Methuselah (Bristlecone pine), estimated 4,650 years old, California’s White Mountains

My firefighting career was ended more or less by an injury incurred while attending to a fire in a virgin redwood stand in Santa Cruz County. If you have never walked in a virgin redwood forest you should put it on your life’s list of things to do!


  • Dan says:

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  • M. D. Vaden of Oregon says:

    Hello.Stumbled upon this comment while searching for redwood related pages.The suggestion is a good one.I would not call Stout Grove virgin, neccessarily due to the path, but I took my 89 year old mother for her first visit while she’s “still kicking” and she said it was the most peaceful place she has ever been.Currently, I have a page about something much more like what you encouraged to visit:Grove of Titans redwoods & photosJust in case you never visit them or the location is not revealed. Those are the only full lower trunk panorama images online right now.Best,M. D. Vaden