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More On Jumbo Jet Air Tankers And The Day Fire

Some good journalism by Stephanie Hoops of the Ventura County Star sheds further light on the money trail and politics surrounding the use of the tankers. “The federal government has no contract with the DC-10’s owner, and the Day fire is burning on federal property, so authorities had to rely on the state to arrange […]

My Thoughts On The Day Fire

The Day Fire has been burning since September 4th, cost $53 million and consumed 160,000 acres to date. OK guys it’s time to put it out! Some of these fire crews have been on the line for more than 3 weeks and the longer they are there the greater chance someone will make a fatigue […]

Light Posting

My posting lately has been interupted due to time constraints. I have been busy developing a search marketing business so a lot of my free time has been compromised. I invite visitors and surfers to take a look at a very nice firefighter blog, Hamptons Fire blog, the web’s best definition of a personal firefighter […]

Five Years Post September 11, 2001

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FDNY website Ground Zero photo gallery. (photo from site) Steve Spak has a great website dedicated to the efforts of FDNY on September 11, 2001. He has authored a book titled “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!” with numerous images of FDNY’s Bravest at work on 9-11. Deputy Chief F.D.N.Y.(ret.) Vincent Dunn, offers interesting and valuable insights into […]

CDF Pilot and Chief Identified

Update to yesterdays post. SignonSanDiego writes; “The crash of the OV-10 airtactical plane sparked a three-acre wildfire near where firefighters battled the other blaze in the Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest, about 170 miles north of Los Angeles, said CDF spokeswoman Becki Redwine. The plane, which was surveilling the fire for ground crews, had no […]

New Tallest Tree, Hyperian 378 Feet Tall

Chron’s SFGate tells us today of a new “tallest tree”. “The Stratosphere Giant, the world’s reigning tallest living tree, seems to have lost its title — to not one but three contenders. Like the 370-foot Giant, the three trees are coast redwoods. They were discovered this summer in Redwood National Park near Eureka by a […]

Wanna Read Something Scary

First responders will surely be called upon to rescue and aid those who fall victim to islamofacist terror. This essay helps to remind us the threat is not going away. Thought provoking and chilling.

CDF Pilot Dies In Crash reports that two C.D.F. Firefighters died in a plane crash while responding to a fire in the Sierra’s East of Tulare California earlier today. “Springville, CA — Flags are at half mast at California Department of Forestry stations statewide as firefighters mourn the loss of two of their own. San Andreas CDF Assistant Chief […]

Montana Fire Reminds Of Great Fire of 1910 brings us a reminder of the “Great Fire of 1910” as part of their coverage of the Derby Mountain Fire. “..runs of more than 50,000 acres, fire brands thrown 10 miles from the flame front, turbulence of up to 80 mph, burns — where the fire entered a natural crucible — equivalent to a […]

Links Mentioned In President's Speech Today

In a speech to the Military Officer’s Association today President Bush pointed us to this site at On that page you’ll find the link to Today’s Terrorist Enemy that defines our enemy.