Canada, Local Fire Chief Busted, Drugs

Caught this on Fark “Local fire chief busted with pot and coke in his house. His reaction: “This is seriously going to damage my credibility” The main story is found here.

Kind of ugly. According to the article there were marijuana rooms set up with growing lights and ammunition laying about. The arresting officer does his best to steer guilt towards the kids but it’s just ugly. I don’t know about you guys but based on the newspaper account he is guilty enough to lose his job.
How can he not know someone in his house was setting up a pot growing room? Sorry, the position of Fire Chief is too important a job to be given to persons so sloppy in their personal life.
A fire chief makes decisions that directly affect the lives of other life savers. As we know in most small towns the chief shows up and assumes control of any real incident. The community and department personnel deserve someone with a sober mind and solid character in this position.
This guy lacks both from my read.