20 Year Firefighter Fired Because Of Muscular Dystrophy

Florida Firefighter Jeff Chesak of the Orange County Fire Department is being dismissed because he suffers from muscular dystrophy.

MSNBC.com reports:

“He has muscular dystrophy but he said that does not keep him from performing his duties. However, his bosses said Chesak is not capable of performing at a level that ensures the public’s safety.

“It’s just a slowly progressive disease,” Chesak said.

Walking next to Chesak, you’d hardly know he suffers from muscular dystrophy. Around his ankles and feet are small braces that steady him. He said the disease is not keeping him from doing his job.

But the same week he got his 20-year service award, he was fired.

“Yeah, it was anger and a feeling of being deceived because none of it had to do with job performance,” Chesak said. “I didn’t meet the qualifications they were looking for with the annual physical.”

Chesak suffers from the same disease for which firefighters are famous for battling. Their annual boot drive raises money for the Jerry Lewis telethon to try and cure muscular dystrophy…..”

My take; Jeff gave 20 years of service to the citizens of Orange County and this is his thanks? I understand the argument but in reality departments all over the nation carry their older and less abled personnel into retirement by placing them in dispatch or prevention or other office assignments.
Not to mention the signal this sends to kids with the disease. Jeff is a hero and a role model to all younger persons afflicted with this ailment. I hope the Orange County Fire Department management reconsiders their decision.

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  • Brian says:

    I agree with you there Cap. What a bunch of crap. I cant believe they didnt at least try to place him somewhere else in the Dept.