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Canada, Local Fire Chief Busted, Drugs

Caught this on Fark “Local fire chief busted with pot and coke in his house. His reaction: “This is seriously going to damage my credibility” The main story is found here. Kind of ugly. According to the article there were marijuana rooms set up with growing lights and ammunition laying about. The arresting officer does […]

More Bird Flu News; Mutation Confirmed

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W.H.O. confirms mutation and this time they drop the word “slight”. Time to start buying that extra case of water and some extra canned food on every trip to Costco. My family has talked of contingency plans for months now concerning school and self sufficieny issues. I hate to sound like an alarmist but if […]

Governor Schwarzenegger Please Define "Emergency"

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From AP via NYTimes (free reg. req.) “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this week rejected a request from the Bush administration to send an additional 1,500 National Guard troops to the Mexican border, the governor’s office confirmed Friday. The National Guard Bureau, an arm of the Pentagon, asked for the troops to help with the border-patrol mission […]

Bird Flu Mutates "Slightly"

NewsTarget says “Yes, it is slightly altered, but in a way that viruses commonly mutate,” said Dick Thompson, a WHO spokesman in Geneva. “But that didn’t make it more transmissible or cause more severe disease.” Bird flu spread from human to human. This revelation did not catch much mainstream press. “In a way that viruses […]

Fire On Highway 666

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“SANTA MARIA Firefighters made progress in battling a wildfire that grew to 12,000 acres but stopped short of reaching a critical ridgeline in Los Padres National Forest on Tuesday night. More than 640 firefighters contained about 20 percent of the Perkins Fire, which burned south through chaparral and away from the small town of New […]

Brins Fire, Oak Creek/Sedona Arizona

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400 homes evacuated. (From East Valley Tribune)“……By Sunday evening, the fire was nearing homes and businesses on the western edge of Oak Creek. ‘‘It’s going to be quite a fight not to lose them,’’ said Kristy Bryner, a fire information officer. ‘‘This is very active fire behavior.’’ The fire was burning on Brins Mesa, just […]

20 Year Firefighter Fired Because Of Muscular Dystrophy

Florida Firefighter Jeff Chesak of the Orange County Fire Department is being dismissed because he suffers from muscular dystrophy. reports: “He has muscular dystrophy but he said that does not keep him from performing his duties. However, his bosses said Chesak is not capable of performing at a level that ensures the public’s safety. […]

Firefighter Blog's Favorite Lady Ann Coulter

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Ann Coulter writes her own review of her new book Godless: The Church of Liberalism. I have to hand it to Ann, no one can promote her own books better than her. Photo from

Firefighter Jobs Iraq

Looking at this morning and saw this job listing for firefighter positions in Iraq. From the ad; Support the U.S. Military in IraqFirefightersSalarie Range: $90,000 – $138,000 * Additional Positions: Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Chief“Wackenhut Services, LLC. is currently accepting applications for professional fire fighters (ranks of Fire Fighter, Lieutenant, Captain, and Training […]