Texas Fires Rising Toll

“…. four oilfield workers apparently died Sunday, said Newell Rankin, the range foreman of the Roberts County ranch where the bodies were found. Rankin said it appeared the men drove off a gravel road and into a ravine, where they abandoned the car and tried to flee.

Their bodies were found within 50 yards of the car.

“In a last act of desperation you just run for your life, literally,” Rankin said. “It’s a shocking thing, the loss of life.”

Carla Everett, a spokeswoman for the Texas Animal Health Commission, said about 10,000 cattle and horses were believed killed.

“I think it’s going to be absolutely devastating once we get out there and look,” said Gene Hall, the Texas Farm Bureau spokesman.

Rankin said most of his 1,300-acre ranch was burned, and he was trying to account for his 750 head of cattle. He found 12 dead and had to shoot another. About 500 were back in their pens, and firefighters managed to save his home, Rankin said…..” More at USA Today

** We’re not hearing much from the National media which is a real shame. Major TV media outlets offer a glance but for some reason they are more fascinated with aging true crime cases having to do with dead or missing women in New York or Aruba. As sad as those cases are we have some real heroes performing great deeds on the Texas prarie protecting their communities. Some of us are watching.