You Can't Top This

Firefighter goes beyond the call of duty

“Saving lives is in a firefighter’s job description. Seth Wells figured he would just go about it in a different way.

The 27-year-old civilian firefighter at Vandenberg Air Force Base returned home this weekend from Boston after donating his kidney to a fellow firefighter he had briefly met.

Wells gave a kidney to Walter Stecchi, 45, who worked at Vandenberg in the 1980s and is currently an assistant chief at Otis Air Force Base, Mass.

Stecchi’s kidneys had been going downhill for nearly 20 years and his body had already rejected a kidney from his father. Stecchi was on dialysis when his firefighters union sent a letter to other bases requesting donors. Wells immediately stepped forward, something Stecchi wasn’t expecting.

Wells first met Stecchi when he flew to Boston in September to undergo testing. He met him a second time last week, before surgeons performed the surgery.

The transplant was an immediate success and the effect was like night and day, according to both men. After leaving the hospital, Wells and his family spent the week at Stecchi’s home before returning to the Central Coast Friday night……..”

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