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Texas And Oklahoma Fires Continue

“In terms of the outlook, there is no significant precipitation in sight,..” Reuters This is beginning to remind me of California in the summer. The differences between fighting wildfires in California and Texas or Oklahoma are significant. When an engine company is toned out from a California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection fire station […]

Wind-Driven Texas Wildfires

AP via By Sheila Flynn Associated Press Writer “Firefighters searched for missing people and hoped for cooler, calmer weather Wednesday after deadly wildfires raced across thousands of acres of grassland dried out by Texas’ worst drought in decades and destroyed dozens of homes. The wind-driven fires were blamed for four deaths, the Texas Division […]

Injured Firefighter Suing Land Owner

“Mark Keller, who also is a Burleigh County sheriff’s deputy, was one of three firefighters injured when they were surrounded by fire and their truck stalled while they were battling a grass fire on April 8 north of Bismarck. Keller spent two months at a Minneapolis-area hospital after suffering second- and third-degree burns while fighting […]

Every Department Should Be So Lucky

“Cheryl Anderson brings together 150 years of visual history for “Detroit Firefighters: A Pictorial History of the People.” Using research skills gained through 20 years of genealogy research, Anderson assembled a pictorial history of 4,200 Detroit firefighters, which she is self-publishing this month. Anderson, a South Lyon area resident for more than 30 years, became […]

Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp Embraces Christmas

“The Huffington Post has obtained pictures of nativity scenes spread throughout Newscorp’s New York headquarters. According to a source, Rupert Murdoch has ordered the scenes to be placed on the front reception desk of every floor of the building. The scenes have caused resentment among some Newscorp employees. Last week, Newscorp-owned Fox News changed the […]

IAFF Christmas Holiday Healthy Eating Guide

Fit to survive , IAFF guide to eating sensibly over the Christmas holiday season.Check it out!

Australia's Wildfire Season Ramping

A simple overview of the Australian wildfire season. Australian bushfire history This is an interesting essay from an Aussie site Blue’s Hideaway. “ It happens with shocking regularity. Some kangaroos grazing along side a bush track, unaware of the terrible danger heading their way. Koala’s sleep soundly in the eucalyptus. Possums and wombats steadly go […]

Retailers Caving To Secularists

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I know I’m not the only person upset with what is happening to Christmas as represented by major U.S. retailers. In our house we have taken a stance by boycotting those retailers who refuse to recognize Christmas by name in their ads and in-store banners. My wife wrote this letter to Sears and sent similar […]