Former FDNY Deputy Chief's Letter To Homeland Security

Retired FDNY Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn wrote this open letter to Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge less than one year after the attack on the the WTC. While the contents of the letter are directed at the needs of his department the message pertains to the needs of most large city fire departments.

1. The fire service needs a new portable radio for high-rise fires.

2. The fire service needs the so-called “smart turnout coat” to protect firefighters.

3. The fire service needs a -firefighter tracking system to supervise and control firefighters during smoky building fires

4. The fire service needs a telescopic- video warning – system to detect structural failure in burning buildings.

5. The fire service needs robots for firefighting.

6. The New York City Fire Department needs firefighting helicopters.

7. The Fire Service needs new fireboats to protect the waterfronts of New York and New Jersey.

8.The fire service needs a new self-contained breathing apparatus SCBA (masks).

9. The fire service needs an officer and five firefighters on every responding high-rise engine company.

10. Firefighters need a phase three elevators in high-rise buildings that works.

11. The fire service needs a computerized- virtual- simulator for firefighting training.

12. The fire service needs computerized dispatching that can warn first responding firefighters of the dangers in high- and low rise buildings.