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Firefighter Image Search

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Who has the better firefighter image search? Google MSN Yahoo Flickr Teoma/ASK * Above photo attribution *

No. California Fire Season Ending

Northern California fire season is over for all intents and purposes says CDF spokeswoman Janet Upton and Darrel Wilson, a director for the Butte County Fire Safe Council, said the region “dodged the bullet” with a relatively calm fire season. He said firefighters were able to quickly extinguish any tough fires that arose. “Whenever we […]

Incident Scene Photo Blog

I found this blog, A Firefighter’s Camera while searching Google’s new blog search feature. He has a great idea posting incident scene photographs and blogging a little about the incident.

Former FDNY Deputy Chief's Letter To Homeland Security

Retired FDNY Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn wrote this open letter to Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge less than one year after the attack on the the WTC. While the contents of the letter are directed at the needs of his department the message pertains to the needs of most large city fire departments. 1. The […], The Internet's Best Fire Site is simply the best firefighting site on the internet. Nothing compares, nothing can. In case some visitors here have never looked in on their portal I suggest they take a few minutes and give them a spin.

Is Bin Laden Under The Quake Rubble?

I was looking over the news of the earthquake in Pakistan and it occured to me Osama Bin Laden could have been killed in this quake. Latest news accounts had him placed in the region most affected. The only item I can find on the subject was this article in the Chicago Sun-Times As Drudge […]

"Kinks" Found In FDNY Safety Ropes

N.Y Daily News reports today that FDNY brass has pulled the safety rope program for the time being. Apparently there were some issues found during training. Work it out guys, this is an important piece of equipment!

Firefighter Blog Redux, Ann Coulter Pic

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I am a fan of Ann Coulter, a real big fan so I posted a picture of her sitting on a deck step pointing a rifle towards the back 40 that I found on Ann’s site. An unintended result of that post is that up to 40% of my visitors get here by searching Google […]

F.D.N.Y Issues Ropes To Firefighters

WCBS New York reports New York City firefighters began getting safety ropes this week. New York is leading the way. Though a few departments already issue personal safety ropes many more cities will follow suit now. “The ropes have been the subject of debate since twofirefighters died from jumping out a fourth floor window of […]

More Firefighters Return From Katrina Deployment

Manchester New Hampshire( “A small group of New Hampshire firefighters returned from the Gulf Coast on Monday after spending four weeks in hurricane-ravaged areas of Mississippi.The crews worked in 95-degree heat with no power, no facilities and few signs of life, but they said they would do it all again. The eight firefighters told stories […]

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