Overun Wildfire Crew Safe

The Casper Star Tribune

reports a story about a wildfire fire crew overun;

ALBERTON, Mont. (AP) — Three firefighters were forced to use their emergency shelters Wednesday night when a Montana wildfire overran their position, but all three emerged safely, fire officials said Thursday.

The firefighters were among those battling the Tarkio fire when it made a run late Wednesday, forcing crews to retreat and shutting down a major Bonneville Power Administration transmission line in the area.

Fire information officer Alan Barbian said the three firefighters “acted professionally and deployed their fire shelters as they were trained” when it was clear they were in danger.

He said the fire burned over the firefighters as they hunkered down inside what are essentially lightweight, fireproof tents, but all three escaped without any injuries and were able to return to camp late Wednesday night.

“The fire shelters worked,” Barbian said Thursday. “They did what they’re supposed to, and we have three people alive because of it………”