Homeowners Not Showing Concern For Firefighters

The issue raised in the article below should be considered a top priority for forest and fire district managers. It would be nice to just be able to say you won’t take action to suppress fire on properties overun with vegetation but the subject is much more complex.
No matter how the subject is argued by the reluctant homeowner it all adds up danger for fire personnel.
I suspect in coming years insurance companies will be the ones to pressure irresponsible homeowners. Fire districts and firefighter unions will have to pressure the insurance companies.

“BILLINGS, Mont. — John Novotny wanted to show the homeowner what could be done to help keep his house from going up in flames in case of a wildfire.

But the homeowner declined the free assessment, leery of having a bunch of his trees in the narrow canyon in southern Montana marked for removal.

It’s a response Novotny has run into more than once in the last year, as the veteran firefighter has knocked on doors and urged people to build the kind of buffers that could make all the difference in the event of a wildfire.

“Some people want to participate, some don’t,” Novotny said. “You have to chip away at it.”

Since the severe Western fire season of 2000, officials have placed a renewed emphasis on educating homeowners about the risks and responsibilities that come with living in some of the nation’s most fire-prone areas.

There have been roadside signs and radio ads, home visits and town meetings with fire experts and government incentives.

Still, a report issued earlier this year by Congress’ investigative arm said that many homeowners aren’t taking measures to protect their homes against the threat, even though federal agencies offered financial assistance….” A.P story here