Woman Sues Rescuers? What??

“A woman saved from a submerged car in the Connecticut River is now suing the town which rescued her. An attorney for Barbara Connors says his client suffered permanent brain damage because Old Saybrook did not have the right equipment to save her quick enough.
The lawsuit has surprised many in town who say the efforts of those rescuers saved this woman’s life. This suit though targets the town, saying this accident could have been prevented and the rescue could have been quicker.

Last October, First Selectman Mike Pace honored those who rescued 76-year-old Barbara Connors and her son-in-law after his Ford Explorer plunged into the mouth of the Connecticut River. Today Pace finds himself defending those same rescuers from a lawsuit.

“It seems like a penalty for doing what was right, quick, and just.”

Connors’ attorney Robert Reardon says it took rescuers twenty-nine minutes to pull her from the submerged SUV. And he says if a dive team were in place things would be different……..

“She out to be thankful for everybody who saved her,” says Steve Slifka of Old Saybrook. “She shouldn’t be suing…” Click here for the full story.

Observation. What attorney would take this case?