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Firefighters Use Wrong Car for Training!

German firefighters mistake teens first car for their jaws of life training. Mistakes happen! Read it here

You Know You Love Your Wife When……

…….she comes to the car and says “I dropped the camera in the river” and you find you can just laugh it off. ggrrrrrr I took the family to Yosemite Valley yesterday. Yosemite is breathtaking on an average day but the run-off from the melting snowpack has turned the Valley into one GIANT amazing waterfall. […]

Fire Deaths in London 1996 to 2000

Report (pdf) Category:fire deaths

Firefighters Training for the Coming Season

Please visit my new site Wildfire Report . I will blog the California wildfire season as well as can be done with a laptop.

Heating up, Gearing up!

Wildfire danger worries local firefighters By Erin Musgrave/(Hollister Freelance) “Hollister – With about 130 percent more rain than average in San Benito County this winter causing wildland grasses to flourish, more fuel for possible fires has local firefighters preparing for the worst and hoping for the best as fire season quickly approaches. Two situations can […]

Fire Season is here in California

The State has not called it yet but I think conditions are such now that wildlands are now vulnerable. My independent (limited) field study tells me crews should be geared up and stations fully manned ASAP.I will throw out a plea for the Governor to allocate additional funds to add one seasonal firefighter to each […]

W.V. Girl Killed, Firefighters Bravely Fight off Pit Bull

“Pit Bull Kills Toddler in West VirginiaBy Associated Press HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — A pit bull that bit a neighbor last week fatally mauled a young girl before being subdued by firefighters using a fire extinguisher, officials said. Two-year-old Arianna Fleeman was pronounced dead at a hospital following the attack Tuesday at the dog owner’s home, […]

Bravest Tom Westman is a now millionaire.

“FDNY Firefighter Tom Westman the victor in Survivor: Palau picked up his winnings, a check for $1 million, on CBS’ The Early Show Monday. Westman, 41, a father of three who lives on Long Island, is a second-generation New York City fireman….” CBS website I admire Tom and the way he played the game. Our […]

Women Firefighters in Latin America

I found this article on Women in the fire service in Central and South America is not often pondered. Please read this article by Alex Quintanilla. “Reading about women in the fire service not writing for ““, I would like to comment about women I had the privilege to have worked with in my […]

Kansas Woman Begins Speaking After 2 Years

By Associated Press “ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. — A woman who couldn’t talk or feed herself after suffering head trauma in a traffic accident has spoken her first words in more than two years. Tracy Gaskill, 30, began speaking and swallowing about three weeks ago, family members and medical personnel said. She had suffered internal injuries […]

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