A Day In The Life Of A Firefighter

By Artie Kutsumitis
Apr. 11, 2005

“In a recent interview, I talked in depth with a firefighter from my hometown, about a typical day at work. What I found out, is that there is no typical day. I am friends with quite a few of these brave men, (and women) and as the Law and Order promo says. “These are their stories.”

John wakes up each morning at five AM, to be to work by seven thirty. A shower, a cup of coffee, and he’s ready to go. He kisses his wife and two girls, and he’s off. It’s a five minute ride to the station. He arrives at six fifty to begin his twenty-four hour shift. (He and his union voted on the twenty-four hour shift) It’s what the “Members” wanted. He logs on at seven twenty five, all is quiet.

At eight fifteen a call comes in about an elderly woman with trouble……”

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