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Fallen Firefighter Justin Wisniewski

“SOUTHINGTON — An 18-year-old resident training to be a firefighter died Sunday at St. Mary’s Hospitalin Waterbury after falling off a 20-foot ladder at the Wolcott Regional Fire School. Justin M. Wisniewski was at the fire school on Boundline Road in Wolcott Saturday when he fell at about 1:30 p.m., according to Paul Perrotti, president […]

Tankers falling apart–NO EXCUSE

“…WHETHER the 2005 wildfire season proves to be major or minor, it’s likely to strain our state and the West’s firefighting capabilities. Money’s short, and aircraft counted on to battle blazes aren’t all airworthy. Only seven of the federal government’s 33 four-engine tankers are sound enough to fly this summer — and three others are […]

A Day In The Life Of A Firefighter

By Artie KutsumitisApr. 11, 2005 “In a recent interview, I talked in depth with a firefighter from my hometown, about a typical day at work. What I found out, is that there is no typical day. I am friends with quite a few of these brave men, (and women) and as the Law and Order […]