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Crash of American Airlines Flight 587

Crash of AA Flight 587 by Tom Dunn, FDNY FirefighterAs submitted to Firefigher Monday November 12, 2001 I was working a 24 hour shift this day. I arrived at the firehouse at 8 am and relieved the night tour. I took the control position. The day started as routine as any other, I made […]

Firehouse Dinner, Great Article

“….Food is obviously an important issue in the station house. Developing menus and recipes, preparing the dinner, and dining together adds to the cohesiveness that is so important to a team of firefighters. Sharing meals also helps ease the time spent away from homes and families. The bell shrills again and the squawk box intones: […]

Firefighter, A Definition

Click the title above to read an apt description of the term “Firefighter“. The site refered to is I like this internet search tool. Once you try it you will want to refer to the site for all your definitions needs!