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INFERNOS KILL 3 FIREFIGHTERS By MURRAY WEISS, LARRY CELONA and ANDY GELLER NY Post ——————————————————————————– January 24, 2005 — Three hero firefighters perished in blazes in The Bronx and Brooklyn yesterday — including two who were forced to choose between jumping for their lives or burning to death after giving up their hose to colleagues […]

The Gloved Hand

The Gloved Hand By Jim Preston, FF/NREMT-B It was a cool fall evening, the tones broke the calm, and I was off to the station. “Signal 62, to the north end for a reported structure fire!” This was a place we’d been to many times before, usually for food on the stove. But as always, […]

So you want to start a weblog?

Here are the bare facts about visitor totals for this site. No Webby Awards on the near horizon for me but I am having fun. Thank you to all that sent me comments and those few who return to see what’s new. Daily Unique: Totals: Today 3 / 07 Jan, Fri, 2005 Yesterday 2 / […]

GMail invites to anyone who wants one

I have a number of GMail invites available to anyone who leaves something in the comment space below. If you have not tried the Google GMail service you might be pleasantly surprised how efficient it is.

Their Last Letters Home

Posted on Mon, Jan. 03, 2005 BY SHIA KAPOS Chicago Tribune The letters can be as dry as the desert dust that still covers them and as bright and powerful as a rocket streaking across the Iraqi sky. Most are written in chicken-scratch penmanship, with misspelled words and blotchy pen marks, but they are rich […]