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Fire stories from the FDNY archives

Great site found on the Unofficial FDNY home page. Each fire profiled is accompanied by media photographs.

The REAL Ladder 49.

Ladder 49 is due in theaters October 1st. I have been disappointed with firefighter depictions in by Hollywood. Howie Longs version of fighting wildland fires was an affront to every firefighter who ever fought one. Another sad attempt was with John Goodman and a dead Richard Driefus coming back to help his girlfriend land a […]

A great Fire Story Laura Hovie sent this story to after I met her on a fire in Mariposa County in the central Sierra foothills in 2000. Laura’s Story By Laura Hovie, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Fresno/Kings Ranger Unit, Piedra Station As thick as fog in San Fransisco Bay was the […]

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